Best Gifts for a College Graduate

Best Gifts for a College Graduate

These gifts say so much more than cash. … The 16 best gifts for college graduates of 2018. Samantha Matt, Published 12:50 …. These gifts say so much more than cash.

From a recent college graduate myself, believe me when I say these are the things he will want.

What’s the best gift for college grads? A Roth IRA contribution. While there’s no immediate gratification, a one-time contribution of $5500 can …. Giving a Roth IRA contribution is a great way to jump-start a college grad’s retirement savings. Here’s what to know.

As a recent college graduate myself, I know that the most thoughtful and practical graduation gifts I received made a much appreciated and …

To find the best college graduation gift ideas for her, we spoke with recent college graduates about the best graduation gifts they got and the …. They’re stylish, sentimental, and exceedingly practical.

Searching for the best college graduation gifts isn’t always easy. Graduates come in a wide array of personality types with varied interests. The following items …

The best gift ideas for college students, according to college … best gifts for college freshmen, useful gifts for college graduates, gifts for study …. Including a pocket knife, a new pair of boots, and a rose-gold iPhone charger.

A college grad will be so grateful a decade or two from now when you give him a Roth IRA contribution.

Our experts picked the hottest college graduation gifts and ideas for 2017!

Of course your graduate wants a car or a plane ticket, but you also have plenty of other gift options, and some teach money smarts.